Preach The Word is an outreach ministry of Pastor Jeremy Searle.  

The burden of this ministry is for the edification of the remnant of God’s people. Sharing the Gospel with the children of God and pointing the lost to Christ. 

Preach The Word is a ministry dedicated to the preaching of the deeper truths of God’s Word, in order to be of benefit to God’s people in these troubled days before the blessed return of Christ. 

Preach The Word shares articles and sermons for: 

    • Bible Study
    • The Christian Life
    • Music
    • Bible Doctrine
    • The Contemporary 
    • Ministry Updates

It is our earnest prayer that Preach The Word will be used of the Lord to both bless and edify His remnant of believers in Australia.

Jeremy Searle

Pastor Jeremy Searle has been serving the Lord in Australia for over 20 years. His burden for a “deeper life” ministry was born out of the call from believers searching for deeper truth and a message of the Christian life they were not receiving where they were. 

He is a graduate of Foundations Bible College, receiving his Bachelor of Religious Education. 

A frequent speaker at Bible conferences, special services and local churches in Australia, Asia, and America. If you would like to contact Pastor Jeremy Searle, please send us a message in the form below.


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