The Searle Family: Serving The Lord In Australia

The Searle Family: Serving The Lord In Australia

Jeremy was born into a Christian home in the 1970s. In his earliest years, his family attended the oldest continuing fundamental church in Australia. In the mid 1980s after a short stint in the Open Brethren, his parents joined an Independent Baptist church, desiring to remain in a fundamental Bible-believing church. Raised in a Godly home and schooled in a Christian day school run as a ministry of the local church, he had a solid grounding in the fundamentals of the faith.

Secularly, Jeremy graduated from the University of Technology Sydney with a degree in construction management. He has spent most of his working life in the construction industry, using this as a means of supporting his family whilst ministering in the Lord’s calling upon him.

As a teenager, the Lord began to reveal a call to preach, and at the age of 16 Jeremy preached his first message at a Sunday night service. Sadly, from the age of 18 through to 22 Jeremy chose to live for himself and this calling became irrelevant to him. The Lord in His great grace laid hold of his life and brought about repentance and a return to the Lord. In hindsight, Jeremy testifies that he believes this was greatly influenced by the prayers and testimony of his mother and father.

In the year 2000, he married Jodie Marsman. Over the next 20 years, the Lord blessed them with unending grace through trials of affliction, trials of abundance, trials of sorrow and trials of joy. They have been blessed with 5 precious children (Ethan, Charlotte, Liliana, Wyatt, and Enoch).

Burden For The Ministry

In 2009 Jeremy was burdened to move to the Riverina district of NSW to minister. The burden in moving to this region was initially the vision that was upon Jeremy’s heart that came as he saw so many towns and areas in the rural areas of Australia that were without a true witness. Whilst there were many apostate churches, there were little to no pulpits holding fast to the faith once delivered to the saints.

As time went on this burden and vision grew to encompass a broader perspective. Hearing from many different people scattered throughout Australia who were searching for truth, some not knowing exactly what they were searching for, just that they were hungering for deeper truth and living than that which they were receiving from where they were. As the burden for these people increased the desire became to establish a work in a location that was practical and affordable for rural people as well as those of the major cities to move to.

A new move was made in the southwest slopes area in 2014 for this vision. Jeremy and his family spent a total of 8 years in these regions, then in 2017, the Lord took home their then youngest son, Wyatt, in an accident. This was a time of deepest trial for the family, a time of deep refining and of works of grace unprecedented in their lives. When this first occurred, Jeremy made the observation that “perhaps this will be a turning point in their ministry, as people were stirred by the incident and witnessed the works of grace in their lives, yet at the same time we must be prepared that the people will see this incredible incident and yet still reject the works of the Holy Spirit in conviction. This is precisely what happened, there was a stirring of people both locally and around the country, with many speaking of how the Lord was challenging them and convicting them through this testimony of His grace amidst the tragedy, yet it soon subsided and the Word remained unheeded. Truly we are living in end times, just as in the end times of the days of Judah and Benjamin when God sent His prophets whilst warning them that they would preach, but the people would reject His Word.

Bible College In The US

At the end of 2017, the Lord led Jeremy to take his family to the US for a period of time to attend Foundations Bible Collegiate Church. The intent of this was for the family to spend time with a people of like faith and heart whilst receiving teaching in a preparation for a return to Australia to minister once again. As part of this time, God providentially led Jeremy to enter into studies in the Bible college whilst they were there. Through the end of 2017 and the first half of 2018 preparations were made for this trip. Then in August 2018 the Lord blessed Jeremy and Jodie with their fifth child, Enoch, who was born just before they left to go to the US.

Ordination To The Ministry

Spending the next two years in the US, the Lord prepared further the lives and hearts of Jeremy and his family. This preparation was through the teaching and preaching of the church, the day school, and the college; through the trials and testings that came whilst they were there and through the testimony of the lives of the people of that church and college. Whilst Jeremy was there at Foundations he received a Bachelor of Religious Education from the Foundations Bible College and was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel by Foundations Bible Collegiate Church.

Returning Home To Australia

Jeremy and his family are now returning to Australia with a deeper vision and burden for the remnant of God’s people in this country, those that already children of God and those who are still lost and yet to come to Christ. Their desire once again is to see a ministry established that preaches and lives the deeper, precious truths of God in all their fullness in order to be of some benefit to God’s people in these last days before the return of Christ.

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