The Culture Of Political Correctness

The Culture Of Political Correctness

This is an excerpt from the STRAIGHTWAY publication of the Christian Purities Fellowship which is a “witness outreach of Foundations Bible College”. You can read the full article here, Facing Radical Changes In End-Time Culture.

Political correctness has become a most oppressive, intimidating influence on our culture today. Motivated and implemented by liberal think tanks, it has come to dominate public institutions and corporations. Especially since the administration of Obama, political correctness has been used by government to forcefully control parts of American culture.

The term political correctness first appeared in the Marxist-Leninist vocabulary following the coup known as the Russian Revolution of 1917 to describe strict adherence to policies and principles of the Soviet Union’s Communist Party. Political correctness was invented by the communists to camouflage the truth about events and policies in the Soviet Union that had resulted in mass murders, the starvation of millions, and massive slave labor camps. It was considered politically incorrect to reveal such facts. All truly loyal to the communist party chose to promote the same politically correct truths about the “good life” under totalitarian government. In addition, political correctness entailed strict adherence to the Soviet Union’s current foreign policy at that time.

Initially, American communists firmly opposed our military preparedness against Nazi Germany during the operation of the Nazi-Soviet Pact (1939). However, once Germany invaded Russia in 1941, the American communists did a swift turnabout becoming pro-war against Germany. How could a practice so contrary to American principles of freedom of speech and the press come to be widely tolerated in American society, especially in academia several decades later? The early 1990’s witnessed the rise on college campuses of politicized curricula (typically on behalf of causes advocated by the political Left) especially in issues relating to race, class, and gender. Students were increasingly taught that the United States is an inherently racist society; that, contrary to the claims made in the Declaration of Independence, our political regime was designed to serve the interests of a rich minority at the expense of other citizens, and that Western society as a whole was intrinsically “patriarchal,” benefiting male oppressors at the expense of women. Perhaps more importantly, an increasing number of college faculty made clear to their students that any expression of dissent from these liberal views would cause the students’ grades to suffer. Even when professors’ claims went directly contrary to known facts (such as that the greatest known emancipation of slaves in world history occurred in the United States; that America’s free economy has offered historically unparalleled opportunities for hundreds of millions of immigrants and their descendants to rise in economic and social status, along with political influence; and that women in the Western world enjoy far greater freedoms than their sisters in less-developed societies), it was made clear that the open statement of these facts was denounced, lest it interfere with the advancement of favored “liberationist” causes.

In these most recent decades, the reign of political correctness (PC) extends well beyond the colleges and universities and has become a part of our ordinary language in the name of not giving offense to selected groups. Hence, a blind person should be called visually impaired (or, better, differently abled); homeless people are temporarily displaced; illegal aliens should be called undocumented immigrants. Asking a stranger where he’s from is now considered a microaggression implying that he doesn’t belong here. Yet, meanwhile, back in the ivory tower of professors and the Ivy League ruling class, they were directed to add trigger warnings to their syllabuses, warning students that course readings might include materials (e.g. Huckleberry Finn) that might distress them. Similarly, law schools could avoid teaching courses dealing with rape, for the same reason. The number of offenses has continued to grow over the twenty-first century, feeding on the successes of PC censors.

A “woke” person keeps up with the list of offenses and adds to them, hoping that by altering language, one can change beliefs and overcome all inconvenient facts of the actual truth of the matters. But political correctness now entails much more than transforming the meaning of words. It also means “prohibiting the appropriation of another’s culture.” It is now improper for children to dress up in the costume of another ethnicity, such as dressing as an Indian (or Native American) at Thanksgiving. Political correctness has also become synonymous with an unwillingness to engage in discussion with those who are judged to hold non-PC views. Such intolerance for the expression of dissenting views reveals the false claim of the PC crowd to be standing up for “tolerance” and “diversity.” By their own acknowledgment, the only speakers who should be tolerated are those who agree with them. PC has been carried to such extremes that it has the capacity to destroy Western culture entirely.

The powers of political correctness have now proven that everything in society’s culture must be political. By any consistent standard of political correctness, Shakespeare is certainly non-PC. To cursory readers and audiences, The Taming of the Shrew promotes misogyny; Othello contains racist remarks; The Merchant of Venice contains an anti-Semitic strain. (Only a close study of the plays, of the sort most contemporary English professors avoid, would overcome these impressions.) More recently Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” was dropped from the Yankee Stadium soundtrack because in the past she recorded songs that are now regarded as racist. Yet amidst all this reckless abandonment of sanity and reason, rap singers who celebrate sexual subjugation of women and use words like “ho” and the otherwise dreaded N-word receive a free pass to do and say what they will.

We have also witnessed the pressure of political correctness during the Obama administration as to the term Christmas. This has profoundly affected manger scenes, Christmas carols sung in public, and certain Christmas decorations. These overt changes have been under the guise of harassment and intimidation of religion. During the Obama regime there were many Christmas identifications that became silent in our country out of fear of political correctness. But it has been in the days of President Donald Trump that both the word and its tangible identifications have openly and publicly returned to America. Even the honorable salutation “Merry Christmas” has become a warm refreshment to hear, being declared without fear. This has also been true of the fear to acknowledge that abortion is murder and an attack on the innocent. He has also been a president who has not been timid or intimidated to use the name of God in honor and respect.

But, despite our President’s bold usage of politically incorrect terms, PC still has an oppressive rule in America. If the so-called PC purity test continues to rule, we will see the day when all libraries, museums, concert halls, and all the churches will be closed due to the offense everything has become in the name of culture—except that which is part of the correctness of the political party in power.


We may soon witness political correctness become so overpowering in our country that we will not be allowed to mention publicly the name of God again. We may not even be able to use the pronoun He in identifying this “personal God” but have to change the pronoun He to she or it (as the Christian liberals have already undertaken in certain versions of their Bible). Will we be permitted to have an honorable, subdued prayer in restaurants before our meals? Will we be forced to change our conservative attire to conform to the casual culture of our day? As we are hearing of sensitivity training under the guise of racism, will such sensitivity training be forced upon all Christians, including their children, to detox their minds of belief in God? How many of our hymns will have to be thrown away simply because they are offensive to some? The list of political correctness is unending. It will force a nation’s citizens to bow the knee to the political ideology in vogue. And the Bible itself may simply become a museum artifact.

The Progressives and Liberals were the key ones who went back into history and drew from tactics of the Communists as well as the intimidation ploys of Saul Alinsky and re-introduced this mind-controlling political correctness in our country. They have used it to reshape our culture by intimidating anyone who is contrary to their thinking. Such key politicians who dominate Washington and the governors’ mansions across our country have become the people best positioned to impose their attitudes and ideologies upon the public (due to their domination of the main-stream media and the public schools and universities across the country). The battle of the cultures is actually the battle of principles which produce and govern the culture of a society, of a nation’s people.

The Devil has many antichrists who are empowered with satanic wisdom to make ready the world prepared for the coming of the Antichrist. He also has a diversity of advocates who have given their lives and hearts to bring about a final one-world assault against God and His people. The days have declined to the point of “raging” and “imagining” the vain thing (Ps. 2) to overthrow God in society and its culture. They are “setting themselves” and taking “council together” against the God of heaven and against those who identify with Him on earth. America is witnessing the confrontation of unrighteousness against natural righteousness, of error and the Lie against the Truth, of immorality against morality. According to Scripture, only the coming of the Lord will right all the wrong. It must get worse—much worse—before Christ comes to be the Emancipator of mankind from the destruction of himself. Yes, Christ must come back to save the world from its own destruction. Daniel 2 concludes the dream of Nebuchadnezzar with the Stone coming out of heaven destroying the Image made by the Gentile world. We long for the day when this will become a reality.

But what must the Christian do while waiting for the trumpet to sound and Christ’s promise to be fulfilled, “I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also” (John 14:3)? Until then, we must ever live the Christ culture by living through the principles of His Word. We must not let this world system squeeze us into its mold; we cannot be taken captive in the web of its herd ideologies. In becoming a Christian, we continue to live in the world, but we are not to be of the world. We must not be “conformed to this world”: we must not imitate the manner and culture of this world’s system, “but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” (Rom. 12:2). We must never let this world control our thinking, to say nothing of our living. Every word we use (nouns, verbs, and even pronouns) and what we do (including social distancing and the mark of the mask) are being scrutinized now by the political correctness of our day. How far does a Christian submit to the powers of this world before Christ no longer is living our life? When is it sadly clear one has submitted to the culture of dictatorial political correctness?

Paul declared, “For to me to live is Christ” (Phil. 1:21). The word live demands that the very living of my life moment by moment is to be the Christ within. May God grant us both the grace and wisdom to live the Christ of Scripture in our present age; and may our personal culture, our biblical culture, the very culture dictated by God’s Word, be the outliving of the Christ within.

Author: Dr. H. T. Spence – President of Foundations Bible College in Dunn, North Carolina, USA.

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